We disinfect your drinking water supplies to protect public health. As a result, the residual levels of disinfection may be unsuitable for aquariums, fish tanks or ponds.

The two most common methods of disinfection are: chlorination (using chlorine) and chloramination (using chloramines, formed by chlorine and ammonia).

Chloramination is used in our larger supply systems because it is more persistent than chlorine. Chloramines are toxic to fish and must be removed from tap water before being used in aquariums, fish tanks or ponds.

Supplies which are chloraminated are Avoca, Ballarat (which includes the localities of Bungaree, Buninyong, Cardigan Village, Enfield, Fiskville, Glenmore, Gordon, Haddon Lal Lal, Linton, Mt Egerton, Mt Helen, Napoleons, Nerrina, Sebastopol, Skipton, Smythesdale, Wallace and Wendouree) and Maryborough (which includes the localities of Alma, Bet Bet, Carisbrook, Daisy Hill, Majorca, Talbot and Timor). 

If you reside within these towns and are planning on keeping fish in tap water, please ensure you contact your aquarium supplier for treatment products to remove chloramines from tap water prior to use in an aquarium.