Opportunity for customers to inform future services and prices

Over the past six months Central Highlands Water has engaged more than 1,000 individuals in what has been its biggest community engagement campaign and customer survey, Let’s Talk Water.
The aim of this engagement program has been to identify key customer priorities and areas for improvement across the Central Highlands Water region, for implementation over the next five years from 2018.
As a key part of this process, customers are being given the opportunity to further inform Central Highlands Water’s future services and prices by participating in a half-day forum.
The Let’s talk Water Customer Forum will be held on Saturday 1st April and invites participants to actively "workshop" key topics, services and associated costs that have been identified by customers in the recent Let’s Talk Water survey as major priorities.
Key discussion points include water quality, reliable water supply and wastewater management, value for money, having customers’ interests at heart and effectively managing resources.
Central Highlands Water Managing Director Mr Paul O’Donohue said the Forum was a great opportunity for customers to have real influence and inform the business.
"This Customer Forum is building on key discussion points and concerns that have been brought to our attention by our customers, particularly through the Let’s Talk Water survey over the past six months,” Mr O’Donohue said.
“It is an opportunity for customers across the region to actively workshop customer priorities in greater detail, and ultimately inform the services that they receive and the prices they pay over the next five years.
"Our organisation is committed to listening and responding to our customers’ needs and this is an important step in an ongoing engagement process," added Mr O'Donohue.
The Customer Forum will be conducted by an independent facilitator and all feedback gathered on the day will inform Central Highlands Water’s 2018 Price Review submission to its independent economic regulator, the Essential Services Commission.
Participants at the Customer Forum will be reimbursed for their attendance. For more information or to register phone 1800 061 514. Places are limited.