On Monday 11 September, the Hon Lisa Neville, Minister for Water, announced the new Victorian Water Corporation and Catchment Management Authority Boards.

Minister Neville said the new appointments to Victoria’s water corporation and Catchment Management Authority (CMA) boards were recommended and assessed by an independent panel.

Central Highlands Water’s Network Assets and Operations team today hosted a group from the Intelligent Water Network (IWN) and La Trobe University Engineering to trial the Sewer Access Point Penetration Review Robot (SAPP2R, pronounced Sapper).

Central Highlands Water’s Managing Director, Mr Paul O’Donohue said the primary components of any asset management program includes the identification, location, and condition of assets.

On 23 July 2018, a member of our Central Highlands Water metering team was injured in a dog attack. The team member was treated at the scene and was taken to the Ballarat Base Hospital, where he underwent medical treatment and has continued to have ongoing treatment and support since the incident.

A photo opportunity exists when Moorabool Shire Mayor, Cr Paul Tatchell and Central Highlands Water Managing Director, Mr Paul O’Donohue officially open the new Be Smart Choose Tap Drinking Fountain at the McLean Reserve, Ballan.

Joining the event will be students from St. Brigid’s College and a member of the Ballarat Miners Basketball team and a Be Smart Choose Tap Ambassador.

The Be Smart Choose Tap (BSCT) Drinking Fountain features bottle refill dispensers, dog drinking bowls and are wheelchair accessible.

This week, during Education Week 2019, 50 girls in Year 7–9 from local secondary schools will embark on the Central Highlands Water (CHW) Girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program with the support of the Ballarat Tech School.

CHW’s General Manager of Customer and Community, Ms Jacqueline O’Neill said, “Our STEM program this year will focus on the importance of water locally and globally and to consider how we will provide quality water treatment to a growing Ballarat population.”

Central Highlands Water (CHW) is investing $5.6 million to replace 12 kilometres of the Evansford raw water pipeline. The project will improve the overall reliability of Maryborough’s water supply system.

Managing Director, Mr Paul O’Donohue, said, “This significant investment to replace aged assets will ensure water security and long-term reliability for Maryborough residents today and future generations to come.”

Central Highlands Water will join 12 other leading Victorian water corporations in a new energy partnership that will help to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and maintain affordable water bills for customers.

From October this year, the water corporations will purchase solar power together from Kiamal Solar Farm in north-west Victoria under a new umbrella organisation called Zero Emissions Water (ZEW).

Around the globe, one million plastic bottles are bought every minute and most of them end up in landfill or in the ocean where they kill marine life.

Victorian’s will continue to enjoy the lowest water prices in Australia after the state’s water regulator completed its 2018 water price review, approving prices for 12 of the state’s urban water businesses.

Central Highlands Water’s (CHW), Price Submission to the Essential Service Commission (ESC) has been categorised as Advanced as a result of CHW’s extensive customer engagement.