Better Value for Customers

Our Price Submission to the Essential Service Commission (ESC) has been categorised as Advanced as a result of CHW’s extensive customer engagement.
Our Advanced ESC classification means that our customers can look forward to what they asked for, which was price certainty, increased service levels, improvements to water quality is some smaller communities and limiting most bill increases to below inflation.
Our tireless 12-month Let’s Talk Water community engagement initiative engaged over 1,000 people across our service region in order to better understand what was important to them. This means, our customers’ can look forward to:
Increased digital services
Improvements to water quality in a number of towns 
Focus on service level improvements
Education about efficient water use
Limiting most price increases to inflation
To further assist people facing financial difficulty we also offer a range of payment plans and concessions and have partnered with water authorities across the state to provide water saving advice through