Land development

Central Highlands Water works in conjunction with land developers and industry to provide water and sewerage services to our growing residential and business communities.

Land Development Manual

The Land Development Manual outlines the approval process for connecting to Central Highlands Water’s (CHW) water and sewerage services. The manual provides general advice for standard subdivisions. If your development is based on a non-standard subdivision, you should contact CHW on 1800 061 514 for specific advice on the water and sewerage requirements. 

The manual is a guide, but not to be used for technical, engineering or legal advice. If you are developing land that needs reticulated water and/or sewerage services from CHW, you should also obtain technical, engineering and legal advice. 


This manual should be read together with the following documents:


1.            Central Highlands Water’s pricing schedule 

2.            Notice of Agreement 

3.            Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) Melbourne Retail Water Agencies

               (MRWA) standards and codes 

4.            Council planning schemes 

5.            Central Highlands Water’s development servicing plans (where available) 

6.            Central Highlands Water’s Integrated water management plans (where available) 


We are committed to supporting the development industry and we would welcome your feedback on the new Land Development Manual.


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