Connect to existing water/sewer services

If you know your property is currently serviced by existing water and sewer systems and you decide to connect, then follow these simple steps:


Step  1

Contact a licensed plumber to discuss the project. They should be able to provide you with estimated costs, timeframe etc.

Search for a plumber

Step 2 If you intend to change you property (ie, sub-divide, build a new home) then contact your local council to see if a town planning permit is required.
Step 3

Obtain an Application for Consent from a Central Highlands Water office or download a form now.

Download Application for Consent

Step 4

Complete an application form, attach supporting documentation and submit it to us at via email

In person: 7 Learmonth Rd, Wendouree VIC 3355

Step 5 Our Development Team will assess your application and notify you, or your plumber, when the Certificate of Consent is ready to send out or pick up.
Step 6

Once you have the Certificate of Consent, work on your property’s connection can begin. All construction fees should be paid to your plumber.



The application form must be signed by the current owner of the property (in most cases this will be you unless you are in the process of buying the property).

A plan of proposed works must be attached.

Application fees are required to be paid at the time of application or before consent is issued. Application fees/charges may vary depending on the project, and additional charges may apply.