Why Choose Tap?

Water is essential for healthy living and staying hydrated is crucial for sporting mental and academic performances. Tap water also represents value for money, so it's cheaper for the community than buying bottled water or other beverages, whether you drink from a tap or refill a water bottle to carry with you.

It's all about choice. We want our customers to be informed about the choices they make. We believe our tap water is amongst the best in the world for quality and taste and it's a cheaper option for the community.

It's also more environmentally friendly than bottled water. PET plastic bottles are the main packaging containers used for bottled water and Australia recycles less than 50% of PET plastic drink bottles. The rest are littered or landfilled. Check out our latest campaign to understand why it just doesn't make sense to buy bottled water.  

Did you know?

  • If our brains don’t get enough water, our ability to concentrate can decrease by 13 percent and our short term memory can drop by 7 percent.
  • People can lose between one and two litres of water an hour in sweat just when doing moderately hard exercise.
  • Our bodies are 70 percent water, and staying hydrated is essential for good health and performance in all areas of life from the sporting arena, to the office or the classroom.
  • Light-headedness, dizziness and headaches are early signs that we are not getting enough water.