Water carting

Central Highlands Water (CHW) offers authorised persons and businesses the ability to draw water from selected fireplugs within the region. Only hydrants that have been issued by CHW can be used on the network. Hydrants issued by other water authorities are not authorised to be used.


Unauthorised Fireplug Use

CHW uses network monitoring technology to ensure all fireplug use is recorded. Persons found using fireplugs with no authorisation will be investigated in line with the Water Act 1989 as amended. Investigations may involve fines or possible prison terms.


Requirements for Approval

Customers can apply for a hydrant and permit if they meet the following criteria:

  • Customers must have a vehicle with a backflow prevention device that complies with the Australian Standard
  • Customers carting water for drinking purposes must meet relevant legislation administered by the Department of Health
  • Customers must have acquired training in the use of hydrant and fireplug operation


Gaining Authorisation

Customers wishing to apply for authorisation must complete and submit a hydrant permit and allow 48 business hours for processing. An agreement outlining the conditions of the permit will be provided upon provisional approval and it is recommended the customer seek legal advice before signing the agreement. Upon approval and payment of the relevant permit fee, a hydrant will be issued to the customer.



Permit Fee $2343.39
Daily Access Fee $0.5337
Water Volume (KL) $1.9210


Long-term charges are billed every four (4) months.

General Permit Conditions

All permits contain the following conditions as standard:

  • Only predesignated fireplugs listed on the CHW website can be used for filling
  • Flow rates must not exceed 10/L per second
  • Hydrant readings must be returned to CHW on request
  • Hydrants remain the property of CHW at all times
  • Lost or stolen hydrants must be reported to CHW as soon as possible
  • Other conditions do apply, please see individual agreement for terms

This list is a summary only. Please refer to the attached agreement for full terms.

Failure to follow the terms of the agreement will result in cancellation of the agreement and action to recover the hydrant.


Further Information

Please email meteringservices@chw.net.au or call the CHW Customer Service Centre on 1800 061 514.