Fees and charges

Charges for water and sewerage services are used to maintain and expand water supply and sewerage infrastructure.

Pricing is overseen by the Essential Services Commission, the water industry’s independent economic regulator.


For all fees and charges, please refer to the pricing schedule.



What does the wastewater access fee cover?

The wastewater access fee covers the cost of providing sewerage infrastructure to your place of business.

What is the wastewater (sewage) volume charge?

The wastewater volume charge depends on the amount of water your business uses. The charge is calculated based on an agreed percentage of the volume of water recorded by your business’ water meter and is only implemented once water use exceeds 180Kl per annum. So if your business doesn’t use more than 180Kl during the financial year you won’t be charged by us.

It covers the cost of transporting, treating and disposing of sewage, which is an extensive and costly process.

Once sewage reaches a treatment plant, it is then treated and tested in accordance with Environment Protection Authority guidelines. Only then can it be returned back into the environment or used to irrigate parks, sports grounds, industrial facilities and agricultural crops.

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What is the Melbourne Water waterways charge?

The waterways charge is a charge for all property owners that are located outside the urban growth boundary and within Melbourne Water's waterways management district.

It is collected by Central Highlands Water on Melbourne Water’s behalf to fund the management of rivers and creeks, floodplains and the regional drainage system.

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