Tips on how you can save water

22 January 2019

As a precious resource, we all must ensure we’re always using water wisely and avoiding waste. That is why we have permanent water saving rules. A set of common-sense practices that ensure we use water efficiently and sensibly. These simple rules are for both inside and outside and make water conservation easier for all of us.

Tips on how you can save water


Be sure to fix leaking taps and keep showers to a 4-minute maximum. When running your dishwasher or washing machine make sure you have a full load. Not just washing a few items at a time.


When washing your car, a handheld hose that is leak free and fitted with a trigger nozzle can be used. You can also use a bucket. Only residential gardens and lawns can be watered. Once again, with a handheld hose, bucket or watering can at any time. If you have a watering system, it can be used between 6pm-10pm on any day.

With fountains and water features, water can be used if it recirculates through the fountain or feature. Water can only also be used to clean hard surfaces such as driveways, paths, concrete, tiles and timber decking if one of these three reasons has occurred:

  1. Cleaning is required as a result of an accident, fire, health hazard, safety hazard or other emergencies.
  2. Staining to the surface has developed and if then only once a season.
  3. Due to construction or renovation, and if then only using a high-pressure water cleaning device or a handheld hose or bucket.

In addition to these rules, Central Highlands Water has created some helpful tips to ensure our gardens use less water. Where possible select drought tolerant plants, that require very little water. Group plants together that have similar watering needs. Not only will you use less water, but it will also save you time. Use mulch, spreading that over your garden will help the soil to retain moisture and keep it cool. Meaning you won’t have to water as often. Finally, only water when and where it is really needed.

Following these simple rules will ensure we all use water sensibly and allow for flexibility in when and how we use it.

For more information please call 1800 061 514.

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