Central Highlands Water will join 12 other leading Victorian water corporations in a new energy partnership that will help to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and maintain affordable water bills for customers.

From October this year, the water corporations will purchase solar power together from Kiamal Solar Farm in north-west Victoria under a new umbrella organisation called Zero Emissions Water (ZEW).

Victorian’s will continue to enjoy the lowest water prices in Australia after the state’s water regulator completed its 2018 water price review, approving prices for 12 of the state’s urban water businesses.

Central Highlands Water’s (CHW), Price Submission to the Essential Service Commission (ESC) has been categorised as Advanced as a result of CHW’s extensive customer engagement.

Around the globe, one million plastic bottles are bought every minute and most of them end up in landfill or in the ocean where they kill marine life.

Central Highlands Water (CHW) and the City of Ballarat (COB) are jointly funding an investigation for the development of an alternative groundwater supply for the Learmonth Recreation Reserve.

With the onset of fire restrictions across the State, Central Highlands Water urge customers to carefully consider their homes water supply, when planning for bushfires, because they may not be able to solely rely on mains water.

Central Highlands Water (CHW), Ballarat City Council and Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CCMA) have released for comment the draft Ballarat City Integrated Water Management Plan (IWMP).

Central Highlands Water (CHW) will deliver a range of new and improved services and provide pricing certainty for the next five years, with the release of its proposed services and prices for 2018-2023.

Central Highlands Water have increased security measures in an attempt to stop repeated acts of malicious vandalism on CHW water main air valves in Maryborough.

Central Highlands Water are preparing for the extreme weather conditions expected to hit the region in the coming days.