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Water source quality

Source water quality protection is about ensuring that the water in our catchments, rivers, and groundwater reserves is of the highest quality practicable. It is the first step in providing a multi-barrier approach in protecting water quality in its journey from the catchment to the customer’s tap.

It involves activities such as:

  • regular catchment inspections and hazard reports
  • reviews of potential risks to source water
  • responding to emergency incidents that pose contamination risks
  • remote sensing
  • catchment modelling
  • minimising stock access to source water
  • controlling public access to source water
  • providing appropriate signage
  • conducting patrols
  • fire prevention and fire suppression activities
  • consideration for sediment and nutrient impacts in land use management decisions
  • incorporating water quality considerations into catchment planning and policy

Our program for source water quality protection has a strong focus on the establishment of well-formulated procedures and practices to ensure adequate monitoring, protection, risk identification and response measures are in place.