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Price Review 2018

Every five years, Victorian water corporations are required by their economic regulator, the Essential Services Commission (ESC) to submit a Price Review (previously called a Water Plan) which details the services and prices that customers will receive over the next five year period. The 2018 Price Review Submission is due September 29, 2017 (for the period 2018-2023).

Ensuring customer priorities and values of customers are reflected in the next five year pricing period is a major component and focus of both Central Highlands Water and the ESC.

Over the past 12 months, Central Highlands Water has extended its existing community engagement activities to gain a deeper understanding of the matters that affect customers most. This has occurred via our Let’s Talk Water community engagement campaign. 





Let’s Talk Water

The aim Let’s Talk Water is to determine the key issues, priorities and values of our customers across the entire CHW region, and most importantly, propose new or improved services for the Price Review 2018 submission that deliver a significant improvement in customer value.

  • Let’s Talk Water activities have included (but are not limited to):
  • Customer satisfaction survey of 834 customers, with all customers invited to participate via the regular CHW water bill
  • 23 CHW community visits
  • One-on-one meetings with major commercial customers
  • Meetings with local government and regulatory agencies
  • Young leaders Focus Group
  • A Community Discussion Forum with 46 customers attending from across the region
  • Establishment of the Let’s Talk Water Customer Reference Group.


Pictured: Let’s Talk Water Customer Forum, April 2017



Current Status

Our Let’s Talk Water Customer Reference Group has collaborated closely with us to develop and revise our proposed services for our Price Review 2018 submission. Find out more from our Pleliminary Result Report here. Central Highlands Water is now finalising its submission.



Ongoing Customer Engagement

Understanding more about what drives our customers and what their priorities are is an ongoing process for Central Highlands Water.

If you would like further information on the Price Review 2018 or if you would like to be involved in future customer engagement opportunities, we would love to hear from you. 

Email info@chw.net.au or phone 1800 061 514 and ask to speak to one of our community engagement team.